Brinker: Mixed Results for Class in 54-Page Unanimous Decision

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The California Supreme Court summarized its ruling as follows:

In light of the substantial evidence submitted by plaintiffs of defendants’ uniform policy, we conclude the trial court properly certified a rest break   subclass. On the question of meal break subclass certification, we remand to the trial court for reconsideration. With respect to the third contested subclass, covering allegations that employees were required to work “off-the-clock,” no evidence of common policies or means of proof was supplied, and the trial court therefore erred in certifying a subclass. Accordingly, because the Court of Appeal rejected certification of all three subclasses, we will affirm in part, reverse in part, and remand for further proceedings.

Brinker at 2.

The ruling, a mixed result for the plaintiffs, will be covered in further posts throughout the week. See Brinker Restaurant Corp. v. Super. Ct., No. S166350, available here.